The Many Types of Soccer Betting Lines


Soccer is arguably the most popular sport, therefore it stands to reason that it also has the most prominent sports gaming business. With the World Cup in full swing, now is a great time to get into football betting in Singapore, which you can easily do online with betting agents.

Explaining Soccer betting Lines

To comprehend soccer betting lines, you must first understand soccer and how it works. Soccer is a low-scoring sport that lasts 90 minutes (two 45-minute halves).

Unlike most other sports, soccer matches do not invariably end in a tie. Instead, when the two teams tie in a regular game, there might be a winner, a loser, or a draw.

Most soccer matches are restricted to that standard duration, plus additional “stoppage time” computed by the referees throughout the game. As a result, most football betting lines are based on the 90-minute regulation time outcome.

Soccer Moneylines

The moneyline is the most fundamental technique to wager on any sport. It simply asks you to choose a winner, assigning odds to each side depending on their projected chance of winning the game.

The three-way moneyline is the favoured technique of betting on soccer odds since soccer is a low-scoring game that might conclude in a draw after 90 minutes of play.

1. 3-way soccer Moneylines

The three-way moneyline allows soccer gamblers to wager on the game’s ultimate outcome, including a win for either team or a draw after standard time. This line has a 1X2 structure with a victory for Team 1, a tie, and a win for Team 2.

The oddsmakers assign odds to each team depending on how the two sides match up, the likelihood of a side prevailing, and the probability of a draw after 90 minutes.

2. 2-way soccer Moneylines

In football betting, the two-way moneyline eliminates the draw option and changes the odds on each side to reflect the likelihood of a victory versus a loss. A win on either side would be paid to bettors, while a draw would cancel all bets and restore the stakes to bettors.

Most websites classify this as a “draw no bet” event. It is popular in tournaments or knockout play since it covers the entire match, not just regulation. However, it’s vital to check the regulations for each book’s “draw no bet” line since some will grade it as a “push” or “no action” following the rule if the score is tied. In such a case, the sportsbook will refund your initial bet.

3. Soccer Futures

Soccer futures may be a fun and profitable way to transform your understanding of the big picture into a hefty payoff. Futures are long-term odds markets that are generally decided before the start of a season or tournament or updated after each matchday or round. Soccer futures chances fluctuate throughout a campaign or event due to outcomes, injuries, trends, and betting activity.

Futures bets may be placed on various markets, including team success and individual awards. For example, soccer futures markets commonly feature tournament winners, team relegation, and which individual player will score the most goals (or the Golden Boot winner).

These and more marketplaces are often available during the Euros and World Cup. Furthermore, the competition is designed with a group stage in which two teams advance—one as the champion and the other as the runner-up.

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