Play Carom and Earn: Is it Possible?


Carrom is a classic table game, resembling snooker and billiards, that was created in India. It has similarities to more modern games such as Subbuteo and air hockey. To play Carrom, you use your fingers or a wooden stick to hit discs into one of the four pockets on the board.

You can now play carrom with real players in fantasy games. Hundreds of apps are available for download, and you can earn money from real money games on a flexible and wide-ranging platform.

Indian households know Carrom as the most loved and having fun playing it as an indoor board game. Now, Carrom has made its way to online games. No longer do you need the physical boards or for all four players to join in.

The version of carrom on the mobile devices is the same as a few minor tweaks were made. It can be played in Regular Carrom or Freestyle mode depending upon the platform it is being played on.

In AIO Games, Carrom Combat has a 2 player format. The game can also be played with a random opponent and you have the opportunity to win prizes and cash rewards.

This AIO Games application provides players with an opportunity to have a carrom board game and to win cash prizes. It also allows players to learn how to play the game by answering some of the frequently asked questions like, “How do you play?”

Thanks to applications on the internet, there are many online versions of Carrom available for users. AIO Games offers a competitive version called “Carrom Combat” where players can also win real money.

At AIO Games, they have a 2-player competitive mode that allows players to compete against random people from around the world.

Getting some Carrom Combat in your life is a smart move if you want to improve your skills and meet new people. Playing on AIO Games can help with that.

You earn money without any hassle at AIO Games, a game that offers you an out-of-the-box gaming experience and a smooth UI.

How to Play a Carrom Combat Game?

To up the stakes and make it interesting, AIO Games has created a new carrom real money game where you can win real money. The rules are simple – hit the other players’ pieces to gain points while protecting your own.

You do not have to wait for a long time before the game sets up your opponent.

Once you’ve entered the game, you will automatically have a set of coins in front of you. You will then have to hit the pawns at designated times. Failing to do so will result in a miss.

If your player strikes the pawn before the queen, for example if the timer runs out, it will be counted as a foul.

The object of the game is to hit your colored coin. If a player doesn’t hit their colour, they place it back in the centre and get a new turn.

Tips to win a Carrom Game & Earn Money

  • A coin gets its turn to try a new shot when the other player fails. If the opponent fails to do so, then that give is forfeit to the first player.
  • Always put the queen on top so that you have a higher chance of protecting it — if you don’t, then it won’t work.
  • Don’t take the shot when you are outside the area, because that is a foul.
  • It is important to hit the coin with enough power to make it go in, else you will not be able to pocket it or the round.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to block other people from stealing your coins. By blocking their line of sight with your own coins.

Carrom is an online game that is similar to the traditional board game but with a few changes. It’s possible to earn a living playing carrom, which all levels of skill can enjoy.

AIO Games offers a game called Carrom, which exists in professional and freestyle modes. It also offers you the opportunity to play with real money in a variety of game styles.

AIO Games promotes safe and responsible gaming. Their skill game provides a fun way to play but with age limitations such as people who are above 18+ can register conveniently and effortlessly play the game.

However, be sure to provide accurate information about yourself in order to verify your age and avoid problems like forfeiture of winnings, or possible criminal prosecution with dishonest information provided.

AIO Games is committed to providing a safe, secure environment for players. They use the highest level of encryption security software to protect personal and financial data from the highest-risk of cyber threats.

A round-the-clock monitoring team is employed to detect any unfair practices. This will help you make sure your information is always true.


Carrom can help you to spend your afternoons and evenings in a more meaningful way. Carrom Combat can be downloaded onto your mobile devices, so that you can take part in online board games and win prizes.

AIO Games is a free-to-play gaming platform that has both free-to-play game and earn money. They suggest that you start by practising before playing the cash tournaments.

To play carrom well, it is important to follow all of the rules, know the game’s strategies and techniques, and get lots of exposure to the game. Many people now download carrom games onto their phones so they can play anywhere – even without a board!

AIO Games is a safe and secure game that 100% ensures fast withdrawal of winnings. The app is great for playing carrom board games online. Welcome bonuses are offered on the platforms of AIO Games for the player to enjoy the experience.

One can be assured that they are rewarded with an amazing welcome bonus on every sign up and you will not miss out on this opportunity to indulge in these experiences which await you.

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